Textured gradient <3

Hi friends :)

(guest blog post from my dear Lina )

If you haven´t tried a gradient with sandpolishes (textured) , you have to! It is super easy and it is so beautiful that I get a high pulse every time :D

This is OPI – What wizardry is this and Zoya – Tomoko, just painted next to each other on a paper, then sponged on the nails. (a base with the OPI polish first)

And since I have your attention.. What do you think of the pictures? I´m always trying different light settings and handposes and would love to get your feedback. :)

Have an awesome day!




P1070939 P1070954

Nail art pens

Hi guys!

(This blog post is written by my “better half” on this blog, Lina :)

(E) I know I´m a bad tester.. I usually test once then I´m good. That´s why I don´t have my own blog and hang around our super creative Marthe´s blog instead :D

Well.. better than nothing, right? ;)

I tried Barry M and Joyme, I think both are good, but I think you should paint with them before adding topcoat. It felt a bit slippery and the Barry M pen kind of.. well, it acted like it was grease and my nails had grease solver on them :D That´s why the lines are not straight and even as you can see on the savanna picture, where you can also see I´m not so good at drawing giraffes.. :D





All in all I think it is a good product. I bought Barry M in London and Joyme on ebay, you can also buy them on bornprettystore.com. A lot of bloggers have discount codes there, maybe also Marthe?

Comment : Unfortunately, NO I am not affiliated with them, but a lot of others are. Thank you so much for this post Lina, I was just about to do my own post about a similar type of pen, BUT then my nails decided to bail on me:/ And hey, your giraffes looks perfect :) If you haven’t checked out her Flicks page please do, link is here :)

NailNation3000 – I caught a leprauchaun <3

Hej :)

Since Marthe was so kind and helped me buy this I wanted to do a really nice swatch. I did this a month ago so I can´t really remember if it was 2 or 3 coats.. typical:D

I take a lot of pictures but have been far behind on sorting and editing this year. But.. pictures 1-3 is 2 to 3 coats on its own.

(SE) Eftersom Marthe var så snäll och hjälpte mig köpa denna så tänkte jag försöka få till en riktigt fin swatch. Bild 1-3 är lacket i 2 eller 3 lager.. jag har såklart glömt, typiskt. :D

Jag har legat långt efter med bildredigeringen och sorteringen det här året, jag fotar jättemycket men hinner inte gå igenom bilderna. Och när man väl ska använda bilderna så är det ju svårt att komma ihåg :D




(E) Pictures 4-5 is 1 coat over dark green. It really shined as an effectpolish with all the glitter and shimmer and holo going on:) (SE) Bild 4-5 är 1 lager över ett mörkgrönt lack, det gjorde sig väldigt bra som effektlack, mycket vackert glitter och skimmer i det.



Depend Gellack Startkit, by Tina

First of all thank you so much to Marthe for letting me write on her blog, and second of all I hope you guys enjoy this post!
- XOXO Tina (tina_tech) :)

(E)For my birthday I got the Depend GelLack startkit, and I was so excited! I didn’t know much about gellack, only that it was supposed to last for a long time… In the startkit there is a base and top gellack, and before/after cleaner, it also has a LED-lamp. The gellack (colors) has to be bought separate and I got French Pink with my gift.

I love doing my nails, and get bored easily with my manis, so the idea of having the same mani for 7-21 days wasn’t appealing. However I had heard that using gellack as a base for “normal” polish worked great, and that’s what I wanted to do.


Depend has posted a great tutorial on how to apply the gellack (it’s in swedish, but you get the point):

The video explains it very well, but I would like to add one thing: Apply the gellack very carefully! You can’t clean up the gellack after it’s been hardened by the lamp, so spend the extra time beeing thorough, and you’ll be a happy camper in the days to come. :)


After wearing gellack for almost two weeks now I have to say I love it! My nails hasn’t broken once (!) and if I don’t have the time to do my nails, I still have a great base so I don’t have to go out with nekkid nails ;).


On the product homepage it says it lasts up to 3 weeks, well that hasn’t been the case for me. Some of the nails started peeling after approximately 4 days, and this is where I made a HUGE mistake! Usually when I wear regular polish I pick it off when it starts to peel (it’s not great for my nails, but it’s not that damaging), however when I started picking on the gellack, the top layer of my nail came off with it, so here is the bottom line: NEVER EVER PICK OFF THE GELLACK! 


The middle finger is peeled off, and the three others are removed correctly. (don’t you just love stained nails?)

Instead; use the correct method that I used on the three other nails; File off the surface of the gellack, wrap them in aluminium foil and cotton pads soaked in nailpolish remover with acetone, pure acetone or gellack remover for 15 min. The gellack gets all squishy and peels off when you scratch it (make sure you don’t scratch hard directly at the nail).

The conclusion: I LOVE GELLACK, just make sure you remove it correctly! :)

Have you tried gellack? Do you agree with my experiences?

Mustard Sunshine!

I have sunshine on my nails!

I think I need to wear more bright colors on my nails, I´m really loving it :)

I have learned that it is easier to do gradients with shimmers. You need to have polishes with the same opacity and texture, then they blend better and get more even. And the shimmers have the same texture so they blend well. I have tried mixing creme with a glitter/shimmer and it did not work well.. :D

Here is a picturespam for you! I could not resist doing a sun pattern on them after a day though.





( Guest blog post by Lina <3 )

I loved this a lot :)!! I am in love with mustard for fall, and this gradient really caught my eye, out of her contributions, I had to post this first <3

I’m slowly coming back :)


Hi Guys :)

SO, my nails decided to completely bale on me about three weeks ago, and one of the reasons its taking time to come back into shape is my diet haven’t been the best lately cause  I have been struggling a bit in my private life. Don’t need to go into details other than it’s been a tough month. On the other hand I have been fortunate to have my always trusty guestblogger Lina do some work for me aswell as two new ones <3 SO there are plenty of good stuff coming, thank you for being here, even though I haven’t been posting, Sometimes life gives you a handful of other things to deal with, and I hope you can understad that :)

During this break I have been doing my friends nails so I wouldn’t get all rusty at it, so I promise to come back strong. Hopefully with new exciting nail art and swatches for you <3

Also since my blog JUST turned one, I have a Giveaway lined up VERY soon :)

2013-10-24 blogbreak

OMG! I have had a major Nail Breakdown and Need your help <3

Hey Guys :)

Due to horrible nails, I am forced to take a break from my usual schedule.

IF there is any of you out there who would like to guest blog on here I would be forever thankful :) I will try to do some nail art or swathes on my right hand, and also try to do some hauls and reviews during this time, BUT as you all know, its limited..:( I have some archive posts also..

Simply asking you for a favor <3

Please Email me at upcloseandpolished@gmail.com if you would like to contribute <3

NEWS: There will be a Giveaway during this time, so that is something to look forward to.

(N) På grunn av grusomme negler for tiden, er jeg tvunget til å ta en liten pause fra min vanlige rutine . Jeg skal prøve å gjøre litt på min høyre hånd, i tillegg til litt innkjøps innlegg og vurderinger, men som dere alle forstår , er dette begrenset.

OM der er noen av dere der ute som kunne tenke dere å bidra med gjeste innlegg hadde jeg blitt utrolig glad <3

Send det til meg på mail upcloseandpolished@gmail.com om du har lyst <3

OBS: Det vil komme in Giveaway veldig snart i denne perioden, så der er i allefall noe å se frem til.